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Charles Farrelly is looking for help in identifying people in the following photographs. His father Charles Martin Patrick Farrelly served in Italy with the Northamptonshire Regiment as a Private. Any help that you can give would be a great help to Charles who knows very little about his fathers time in Italy.

The Cap Badge of the Northamptonshire Regiment
Charles Farrelly is front right, the two civilians are believed to be members of the family he was billeted with at some point during his time in Italy.
Charles Farrelly on the right of this group near the Triumphal Arch next to the Colosseum in Rome. The civilians and the soldier on the left are unknown.
Charles Farrelly on the left who is on the right? Do you know where this is?
Charles Farrelly on the right, who is on the left and where were they?
Charles Farrelly second from the left. Do you know who the others are of where they are?
Do you recognise where and when this was taken? Charles Farrelly is back row right on the end.
Charles Farrelly on the left but who is on the right?
Charles Martin Patrick Farrelly

Many thanks for any help or information you may be able to give. Charles Farrelly Jnr.

If you can help please leave a comment and I will forward the details to Charles.

Robin Hollamby ISA website editor.


  1. Frank de Planta


    Do put him in touch with me. We could start with getting the a Service Record from Glasgow which will identify whether he was serving with 2 NORTHANTS in 5 Infantry Division or 5 NORTHANTS in 78 Infantry Division.



  2. Charles FarrellyCharles Farrelly

    Thank you Frank
    I applied and paid for Dads military record last October and am still waiting. I have phoned a couple of times, the staff are pleasant enough but “no show”. I am hoping that when I find out which devision/regiment/company he was in( I am not versed in military group terminology), I will be able to find out where he went during the campaign and ideally where and with whom he was billetted.
    Thanks again for your helpful response

  3. Frank De PlantaFrank De Planta


    Once you have established whether he was in 2 or 5 NORTHANTS, the rest is relatively easy. You can source the War Diaries from the National Archives and the Regimental History from specialist book sellers.



    1. charles

      Many thanks Frank. I will take your advice as soon as I can. I will get onto Glasgow re Dads records on Monday, see if I can gee them up. Reassuring to know that in the fulness of time, I will be much more informed than I am now. So thanks to All for getting me started
      regards Charles

  4. Frank De PlantaFrank De Planta


    Get me through when you have his Service Record.



  5. charles farrelly

    Thanks will do


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