“Forgotten Heroes” by Sandra Doran

Can you help author and journalist Sandra Doran, who is writing a book titled “Forgotten Heroes” based on those who had taken part in the Italian Campaign 1943-45.

Forgotten Heroes – first came to me when talking with veterans and families about how life has changed in the military over the years, I was fascinated by their stories.

Why did I chose to write this book? I wanted to give an insight as to what it was actually like for the British, allied troops and families in war time. I was equally surprised how very little was published on the Italian campaign.

As an idea for a book formed in my head, I began to seek information on what Italy was actually like for the troops deployed there. I heard of some of the selfless acts of courage and bravery in the most adverse conditions showed me that these brave soldiers are a credit to this country.

Talking to families, their courageous acts of selflessness in them touched me greatly. Keeping the memory of the sacrifice and courage of these brave men and women alive became my mission.

And this is where I need your help. I know some of you may be reluctant to discuss anything about what happened, guarded by traumatic events. But for those of you forthcoming, I’m sure you have some astonishing stories to tell and would like to share those experiences, and sometimes humorous escapades.

If you can help with either photographs, letters, maps, diaries etc., please contact me via Robin Hollamby, National Vice-Chairman Italy Star Association at info@italystarassociation.org.uk 

Many thanks.

Sandra Doran

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