The Campaign in Italy by Eric Linklater

The Campaign in Italy by Eric Linklater

At the request of H M Government. Printed by H M Stationary Office 1951



  1. George Dudzinski

    I am looking to get hold of a copy of this publication, in particular pages 345/6. My father (Col. Zbigniew Dudzinski) was OC Polish 4th Armoured Regiment in WWII and quotes from this publication in his account (in Polish) of the action around the Cesano and Metauro rivers. I’m just compiling a family history and would like to include an accurate English version.

  2. Frank de Planta


    If you go on to and post your request there, a geek will shortly be along with scans of the pages that you are after.

    Did your father ever mention going up the Cavendish Road at Cassino?



    1. George Dudzinski

      Thank you very much for the link, Frank.

      My father was not at Cassino – he only took over command of the regiment on 10 August 1944. I’m in the process of trying to discover what he was up to prior to that date, and it’s proving a bit of an uphill struggle!

      I know he did go to Italy some time in the early ’60s and revisited some battlefields, but I have no details. My father didn’t volunteer much information about his war years, but I should also have been more inquisitive.

      Best regards,



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