“My War is Not Over” written by Harry Shindler and Marco Patucchi

My War Is Not Over is a book recently written by Harry Shindler and  Marco Patucci describes how World War 2 veteran Harry Shindler led Rock Star Roger Walters from Pink Floyd to the spot where his father died during the Anzio landings on 18th February 1944.

A brief synopsis by the publishers Austin Macauley

“My War is not Over by Harry Shindler and Marco Patucchi is a fascinating account of life in Italy during the Second World War. Set against the backdrop of already very well documented events; this story focuses instead on the detail and the minutiae of how ordinary people’s lives were affected by the conflict. One of the co-authors is a wartime detective, resolving issues and puzzles from a distance of some seventy years. These truly personal stories are very touching and poignant.

My War is not Over is in part an account of one of the author’s true experiences of his military service in Nazi occupied Italy and interwoven with this, are some tales of modern day detective work, looking for answers to long unresolved mysteries. These are chance encounters and events that remain as vivid and relevant today as they were seventy years ago. My War is not Over has a unique perspective on the conflict and is a truly compelling read”.

The ISBN number is 978176126801



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