Reflections of War. Inspirational Poetry written by David Lilburn.

Reflections of War by David Lilburn.
David has sub-titled this book ‘Inspirational War Poetry’.
David is ex 42 Commando having spent 25 years of his life as a Royal Marine.
He has been writing poetry for over 30 years.
Although inspired by his life experiences in the Royal Marines this collection of poems is written in the ‘traditional’ style.
I bought this book because I enjoy poetry written in this style and drawing of the writers experience in the armed forces.
It takes on the harsh realities of combat and death, not in a light hearted fashion but with sincerity drawing on personal experience.
I won’t say it is an easy read (well at least not for me), I am by nature a bit of a softie and by the end of page 4 I was wiping the tears from my eyes.
Although David has written them about his personal experiences in Norther Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan, they are equally relevant of the battles of WW1 and WW2.
Having been involved in remembrance projects from both first and second World Wars (events before my life time) these poems rank along side those of Siegfried Sassoon and many others from the first World War, they are moving and written from the heart.
If you only have one poetry book in your book case this would be my choice along with a box of Kleenex !!!.


Robin Hollamby.